Long Island Aquarium Stocking | Fish Tank Services Long Island
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Aquarium Stocking

We Are Long Island’s Top Destination For Aquarium Stocking And All Things Aquatic

If you already own an aquarium or you are beginning an aquarium project, make Island Fish and Reef the only store you visit. Our expert staff is composed of experienced aquatic enthusiasts who can help you with custom aquarium design, aquarium stocking, assembly, aquarium installations, maintenance and so much more. We will be happy to share our knowledge about fish and other fish tank elements. Island Fish and Reef has been a favorite among Long Island aquarium shop customers since 2003.

We Offer Professional Help With Your Aquarium Set Up

Whether you’re a first time aquarium hobbyist, you are building a residential aquarium, or adding an aquarium to your office location, the aquarium building process can be overwhelming if not handled properly. You may think it’s okay to visit the local pet store to buy all of the aquarium supplies but there are many downsides. You will quickly realize that acting as your own aquarium builder is difficult, stressful, and one wrong move on your part could harm the fish.
That will not happen when you visit Island Fish and Reef. Our professional aquarium experts will guide you every step of the way and handle the design, assembly, installation and aquarium stocking for you. We will ensure your aquarium project yields a healthy ecosystem of happy fish.

Island Fish and Reef Provides Efficient Aquarium Stocking

Our team knows an aquarium owner wants the best care and treatment for their selected fish so our team goes out of their way to provide the right products to maintain the health of your aquarium residents. Utilizing a fully equipped quarantine and holding facility, we can assure the highest quality and health of all chosen species. Every technician on our team is an expert in fish compatibility, coral placement, plant care, aquarium life support systems, and other aquarium stocking knowledge so they can provide you with honest and trusted advice.

Our Technicians Can Handle Your Aquarium Maintenance

Every member of our team is qualified to maintain all systems. You can be assured that any of the hands that touch your aquarium are qualified and come with years of experience. All maintenance involves water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding when needed, and light equipment cleaning. Maintenance service operates seven days a week.

Quarantine, Concierge and Housing Services

Island Fish and Reef takes great care by quarantining the fish and dipping and observing corals before they enter any reef system. Daily monitoring ensures the aquarium occupants are healthy and eating before being offered for sale. Once ready for sale, we offer concierge services to help you select new additions, packaging and delivery to your aquarium, acclimation, and placement. Our techs will give you an informative lesson about caring for the new additions in your fish tank.

When You Travel, We Can Take Care Of Your Aquarium

If you are planning a vacation or business trip, we are happy to visit your location to feed your fish and maintain your aquarium. Our team offers intermittent maintenance visits, commercial and residential sites, to monitor, feed, and maintain your aquarium until you return. You may also choose to hire Island Fish and Reef to handle your weekly aquarium maintenance.

Tank Rehabilitation By Island Fish and Reef

If you’ve  fallen behind with the continuous and necessary maintenance of your aquarium system, we can help. Our highly trained team specializes in the rehabilitation of tanks that need extra care. With our professional services, your aquarium will be cleaned to perfection and restored back to running at its full potential. To help maintain your fish tank going forward, we will give you a detailed maintenance plan for you to follow. 

If You’re Relocating, Let Us Move Your Aquarium To The New Location

It makes us sad when we hear that a dedicated aquarium owner is considering leaving the aquarium for the new residents. Contact us today and we can help you take the aquarium with you to the new location. Our team of experts know exactly what it takes to relocate an aquarium and its contents, along with the fish. We will carefully and efficiently move the entire system all at once to ensure it is fully functional at the new location. The fish tank water will remain properly heated throughout the moving process to reduce stress on the fish.

Contact Us Today For Aquarium Stocking, Installation, Design and Maintenance

We proudly offer services 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. Emergency services are also available. If you’re searching for a professional, friendly and local aquatic store on Long Island, call us first. The Island Fish and Reef team specializes in aquarium designing installing, cleaning, maintenance, and servicing of fish tanks and aquariums. We are also experts at aquarium stocking. Contact us today to make an appointment, schedule maintenance or any other aquarium service.