Frequently Asked Questions

Island Fish and Reef offers aquarium design services, including consultation, designing the aquarium’s size, filtration, maintenance, decorations, cabinetry, selecting fish species, and providing cost estimates for long-term maintenance.

Island Fish and Reef offers aquarium maintenance services, including water testing, algae scrubbing, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding, and light equipment cleaning.

Island Fish and Reef offers RO water delivery, bringing the same water used in their systems to clients for a fee.

Island Fish and Reef sources high-quality materials, inspects them, and then proceeds with the installation of custom aquariums. Their experienced team ensures a clean and efficient installation process and provides guidance to clients on operating their new system.

Island Fish and Reef provides quarantine services for fish and monitors them for health before sale. They also offer concierge services for selecting, packaging, delivering, and acclimating new additions to the aquarium. In addition, they may provide housing for aquatic pets on a case-by-case basis.

Island Fish & Reef provides discounted services for schools, including on-site interactions with students, problem-solving, troubleshooting, and regular maintenance. They aim to contribute to marine science education and offer enriching academic exploration and content for students.

Island Fish and Reef offers professional services for moving aquariums, including transporting water, packaging aquatic inhabitants, and ensuring a timely and functional reinstallation at the new location.

Island Fish and Reef practices quarantine for fish and observes and cares for all corals before introducing them into reef systems. Animals are closely monitored for at least two weeks to ensure their health and feeding habits before being considered for sale.

Island Fish and Reef specializes in rehabilitating aquariums that require maintenance, equipment replacement, or algae control. They can restore tanks to their full potential and provide guidance or maintenance contracts to prevent future issues.

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