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Aquarium Design

Beginning at the consultation, Island Fish and Reef will work with you to explore your style, space, and goals for your custom aquarium dreams. The whole design and installation process will involve working closely with a project manager to ensure we cover all aspects from tank size, filtration, maintenance frequency, decorations, cabinetry, glass manufacturers, fish species and compatibility, best practices, and more. By the end of the designing process, we always provide our clients with a complete idea of how much the aquarium will cost to maintain for years to come.

Aquarium Installation Long Island

Once a design theme and quote are approved, IFR will begin sourcing all materials necessary to make your dreams a reality. And once all materials have been successfully sourced and inspected for quality, installation will begin. Comprised of a prepared and equipped team, IFR’s goal is to make the installation clean and as expedient as possible. We only select high quality and long-lasting aquarium products and use trusted practices that have been perfected by over a decade’s worth of maintenance and installation experience. Upon completion of the install, members of the IFR team will remain to teach the client how to work with their new system.


Once your technician becomes familiar with your system, they can provide you with a detailed plan to meet your desires based on what animals and other aquatic life you may want to add and what will be compatible with your system’s already existing inhabitants. Every technician at IFR is well-versed in fish compatibility, coral placement, plant care and needs, and invertebrate requirements to best advise you on curating your aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance Suffolk County
Every member of the IFR team is qualified to maintain even our highest-end systems. You can be assured that any of the hands that touch your aquarium are qualified and come with years of experience. All maintenances involve water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding when needed, and light equipment cleaning.
Water-Delivery Suffolk County


Building and maintaining an RO/Di system is not possible for everyone. Island Fish & Reef understands this and for a small delivery fee, we bring the same water we use in our systems right to you. Call us today for rates!

Fish out of water in person's hand


Quarantining fish is always considered best practice when stocking and maintaining an aquarium. Island Fish & Reef quarantines every fish that comes through our doors and all corals are dipped and observed before they enter our reef systems. Animals are then monitored for a minimum of 2 weeks and are worked with daily to ensure they are healthy and eating before they are considered for sale.
Once they are deemed fit for sale, IFR offers local concierge services where we help you select your new additions, packaging and delivery to your aquarium, acclimation and placement, and a short instructional lesson about how to care for your new addition.
Though it is never easy to go through changes, IFR will always try to provide peace of mind for any difficult time your finned friends may be having. If and when space is available in our facility, your aquatic pets can be housed and monitored daily as needed. Please understand that every situation is different and termed agreements are available on a case by case basis.
Aquarium Maintenance Long Island


Have you been tragically too busy to complete the much-needed maintenance your system requires? Maybe you’ve had a piece of equipment fail or a nasty strain of hair algae break out and take over? We specialize in the rehabilitation of tanks that simply need a little extra love! We can clean your pride and joy back up into its full potential and provide you with a plan to keep it best on track. No one is immune to the mishaps that come with aquarium ownership, but Island Fish & Reef will make sure you don’t skip a beat when something does go wrong. We can cure what ails your system, make it look the way it should in an expedient manner, and provide detailed instruction or a maintenance contract to prevent it in the future.



Moving is hard; and it can seem impossible when you have to take an aquarium with you. Lucky for you: we’re the experts! Most companies won’t touch an aquarium move, but not us. We move everything all at once and ensure that your system is fully functional at the new location on the same day. We are fully equipped to take all of your water and keep it properly heated as well as your aquatic friends will be packaged in Styrofoam containers with heat and oxygen to prevent stress related mortality. Once at the new location, we will complete the move with a professional and timely installation.


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Tom BrownTom Brown
01:52 27 Sep 22
They do excellent work and take great care and interest in your tank. Chris does an awesome job when he comes to do weekly maintenance
Greer BroderickGreer Broderick
00:55 01 Jul 22
What a great job !! The fish are so beautiful, very healthy! Very pleased with their services. Never a bad experience! Chris and Todd are always friendly and punctual.Both professional and passionate!! Love to share their knowledge with us! Thank you guys!
steve mensesteve mense
21:43 31 Jan 22
The crew was very professional , courteous, and knowledgeable. Did a fantastic job installing my tank from the start to finish. Highly recommend.Steve
Jessica PurnickJessica Purnick
22:48 27 Oct 19
I called Island Fish & Reef to come remove an aquarium that had been left behind in my home. They were able to provide their service in a quick and professional manner. They sent two technicians who were very polite and careful while they were in my home and they worked quickly and cleanly. Though I no longer have a fish tank I can confidently recommend them for their excellent work. The quality of their service is top notch 5 stars for sure!
Nolan SwanlundNolan Swanlund
20:08 20 Aug 18
Island Fish and Reef is truly excellent. I was very lucky to find them a few years ago to move a 120g reef tank to our office. They did a great job and have been coming weekly for maintenance ever since. Downs and his team are very knowledgeable, professional, and always go the extra mile. They have sourced fish, corals, and equipment that made perfect additions to our system. They do a great job coming up with creative custom solutions to any problem we come across. Thank you!