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Since 2003, Fish and Reef has been New York’s premier aquarium design, installation, stocking, and maintenance firm. Specializing in all aquatic ecosystems:  freshwater, planted, saltwater, and reef alike. From the beginning, Suffolk County Fish and Reef has been a well respected business in the community providing excellent customer service both at our previous retail store and with maintenance clients. Beginning with only one van and boasting 10,000 gallons of display aquaria at our retail location, Suffolk County Fish and Reef quickly gained a foothold in the aquarium industry and was able to build a strong installation and maintenance division.


In late 2013, the defining decision to change our name to Island Fish and Reef also changed the direction of our business and focused our talents and efforts solely on our installation and maintenance clients. Being client-based meant we strived to provide our clients with the full-time luxury experience of owning an aquarium without the hassle of maintaining such a complex ecosystem.


Currently, Island Fish and Reef proudly operates four maintenance vehicles 7am-7pm 7 days a week, with emergency services always available. Our new facility located at 505 Johnson Avenue, Bohemia, NY, 11716 is now open by appointment only.


Quality and responsibility of care are core tenants of the Fish and Reef ethos. We are proud of our history and our current staff of five installation and maintenance technicians that use their years of experience to provide you a great wealth of comfort, peace of mind, and knowledge.



Owner, Founder

Corey established Fish & Reef in 2003 as a startup with the intention of establishing an aquarium design, installation, stocking, and maintenance firm for a one-stop-shop environment from concept to completion.  Through comprehensive research, Corey devised a business plan to provide a wide range of quality aquatic services to Long Island that had not previously existed.


Corey graduated with his MBA in 2000 while working full-time for the Long Island Rail Road.  He is proud of the fact that he graduated at the top of his class while being employed full-time and never letting his quality of work diminish. Corey has been happily married for 20 years and is the proud father of two children as well as numerous animals.

Corey Profile

Downs Profile


Owner, Chief of Maintenance

Downs has been a key member of the Island Fish & Reef team for the last eight years. Starting as a part-time employee in 2011 at the original retail store opened by Corey, he has risen to be chief of maintenance and part owner of the company. From fresh water to salt water, aqua-scaping to coral husbandry, Downs is the swiss army knife of Island Fish & Reef. Bringing passion and ambition to the creative side of aquatic curation, Downs always exceeds client expectations when building, maintaining, or rehabilitating their dream aquarium.


He is a proud retired veteran of the United States Army who served with honor and distinction as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, as well as a graduate of Suffolk Community College.


Fish Room Manager, Disease & Husbandry Specialist

Frank has been in the industry for over 50 years and has been published in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium and Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazines. He has also taught both the freshwater and saltwater certification courses for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council and has presented countless Powerpoint presentations to various aquarium societies.


Frank has recently retired from the New York Aquarium after 30 years, first as Junior Aquarist, and then as Senior Aquarist. It is there that he became familiar with fish pathology and disease diagnosis. Frank’s interest have varied over the years, from freshwater fishes to marine systems, and reef tanks. Currently his interests lie towards planted freshwater aquariums and the more rare and unusual freshwater fishes, especially tetras.

Frank Profile



Lead Installation and Maintenance Technician

Todd’s obsession with aquatic life started in childhood when he received his first five-gallon aquarium as a Christmas gift at ten years old. His passion grew to include an aquarium room of over forty tanks in the basement of his family home in upstate NY.


From high school, Todd had goals of owning a company that designed and maintained custom aquariums. Todd then attended SUNY Adirondack and later Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a student of architecture. Though discouraged from school counselors, Todd succeeded in beginning his own business entitled “The Aquarium Maintenance Company” in 1994, which supported his college journey.


Todd’s passion turned into a large business when he later purchased the local pet shop which he turned into an aquarium specialty store and rebrands himself as “Exotic Aquatics Ltd.” After 13 years of years of success, Todd decided to close the doors of his own business to focus less on the rigors of ownership and more on his passion for fish as an aquarium designer. Soon after, he met with Corey Goldberg who was building a team to create Long Island’s top aquarium design firm, and it was a perfect match!


Todd uses his 25 years of experience to create unique and attention drawing designs for clients all across the trade. He welcomes the challenges of creating a functional ecosystem that meets the aesthetic desires of his clients.


Installation and Renovation Specialist

Brandon’s first interactions with Island Fish & Reef first occurred when he was 6 years old, having met Todd and Downs who had serviced his grandfathers aquarium over the years. It wasn’t until he was 15 when he finally joined the team, having kept a relationship with Todd
who introduced him to Corey. During his early years at Island Fish & Reef, Brandon was in charge of the shop, ensuring all equipment was clean and repaired and all the chemicals and products were made for weekly
use, while assisting technicians on the road.  In the August of 2017, Brandon temporarily parted ways to attend the University of Tampa. Still enrolled there, Brandon is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science while also minoring in philosophy and marine biology. He plans to further his education by going to graduate school to obtain a masters in sustainability and a Ph.D in hydrology. Although he is 1,200 miles away, Brandon still keeps in practice.
When he is in Florida, Brandon still works as a part time aquarium technician taking care of South Tampa’s high-end reef aquarium clients. While working in Tampa, Brandon has had the opportunity to install and maintain reef aquariums exceeding 800 gallons in size. When home in New York, you are most likely going to encounter Brandon installing or rehabbing your aquarium. When he’s not effortlessly trying to care for specific client needs, you will find him at the shop repairing equipment or tirelessly trying to improve the efficiency of
weekly tasks. We are lucky to have him!
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Stocking and Preparation Specialist

Tommy began his aquarium journey with Island Fish and Reef almost two years ago and continues to grow his interests and skills while also attending high school locally. He always brings his A game with him everyday whether it’s for cleaning filter socks or re-filling bulk products. Every weekend he ensures that the shop and the technicians are ready to go for the week and his efforts are felt and appreciated by all. He plans to attend college nearby and we are proud to have him on our team.

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