Arts and Education Partnerships | Island Fish & Reef
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Arts and Education

School Partnerships

Island Fish & Reef not only values educating our clients with the best methods for their tank, but also in raising awareness and contributing to the education of our local youth. We feel that marine science and childhood exploration are both so important, we offer discounted service for all schools including on-site interactions with students, problem solving and trouble shooting on and off-site, as well as regular maintenance. All of our technicians bring a different wealth of knowledge to our team and are excellent at explaining and teaching their understanding of fish, plants, corals, and more. Call today to discuss not only bringing the wonder of marine life to your school, but also to provide even more enriching academic exploration and content for your students!

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Long Island Libraries

We at Island Fish & Reef recognize the power and prestige the public library holds in the local communities which is why we are proud to be the number one choice for most libraries on Long Island. Not only do aquariums add to the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere of these beloved establishments, they also provide a vital educational resource for all ages. Along with service and maintenance, the IFR team is always available and eager to discuss and explain anything related to the sea life in the aquarium for any and all educational purposes.

Bigger, Better, & Beyond

Do you have a wild idea for a nonconventional custom fish tank? Or possibly need an exhibition style temporary tank for an art installation or film set? Are you looking for service, assistance, or support services with any aquatic attraction? From sourcing materials for Paramount Pictures to housing and caring for Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s beloved koi fish while renovating their famous pond, Island Fish and Reef has experience with all aquarium related needs across all fields and is eager to assist you with your next project.

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