Long Island Aquarium Design | Fish Tank Services Long Island
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Aquarium Design

We are Long Island’s Most Recommended Aquarium Design Specialists and Aquarium Shop

For almost two decades, Island Fish and Reef has been a premier aquarium design firm performing aquarium installations, stockings, and maintenance throughout Long Island commercial and residential locations. Our expert team specializes in all aquatic ecosystems including freshwater, planted, saltwater and reef. We are a well-respected business in the community providing excellent service and care to all we serve. 

We can help you if you are looking to have a new aquarium installed, or you simply need general aquarium supplies. For more than 18 years we’ve been in business at our Bohemia location, selling aquariums and its special inhabitants. We are a fully licensed and insured aquarium business offering competitive pricing and plans.


Island Fish and Reef handles aquarium maintenance, designing, installing, and aquarium life support systems. We provide our clients with a professional level of care for all aquatic shapes and sizes. In addition to being an aquarium builder, our dedicated team of knowledgeable aquarists provides and maintain quality service for your unique aquarium at your home or office.


With help from an Island Fish and Reef project manager, you will achieve your aquarium project goal of creating a unique ecosystem that best fits your vision, space, and budget. The design and installation process will involve working closely with a project manager to discuss all aspects of the project from tank size, filtration, maintenance frequency, decorations, cabinetry, glass manufacturers, fish species and compatibility, best practices, and more.


Our highly trained team sources and assembles all aquarium equipment. Upon completion of sourcing, all components are inspected for quality, and the installation process will begin. We select high-quality and long-lasting aquarium products so you will enjoy your aquarium for years to come. Rest assured, after the install process, you will be instructed on how to work with your new system.

Highest Quality Aquarium Stocking

The Island Fish and Reef fully equipped quarantine and holding facility ensures the highest quality and health of all animals in our care. You will receive a detailed plan to meet your aquarium goals ensuring compatibility with your system’s existing fish. Our techs are experts with fish compatibility, coral placement,
plant care, and other requirements to help build your aquarium.

We Clean and Maintain Aquariums, 7 Days A Week

Our fleet of service vehicles operates seven days a week. Every member of the team is qualified to maintain all systems. Maintenance includes water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding when needed, and light equipment cleaning.

We Provide Quarantine and Concierge Services

Island Fish and Reef professionals quarantine every fish they acquire, and corals are dipped and observed before they enter any reef system. This separate aquarium temporarily holds newly purchased fish to allow the team to closely monitor their health, administer necessary treatments, and prevent spreading to healthy fish. We also offer local concierge services to help you select your new additions, packaging and delivery to your aquarium, acclimation and placement and a lesson to care for your aquatic system.

We Provide Vacation Coverage For Your Aquarium

If you’re planning to be out of town for vacation or business, we will create a schedule of visits to your home or office location on Long Island to monitor, feed and maintain your aquarium while you are away. You can enjoy your vacation knowing that your aquatic system will not only be well cared for, but your fishes will stay on the current feeding schedule with no changes or interruptions.

We Rehabilitate Tanks Requiring Service

If for any reason you’ve neglected the maintenance that your system requires, our team is happy to assist you. We specialize in tank rehabilitation and will restore your tank to its full potential. Allow the Island Fish and Reef professionals to efficiently and quickly help return the tank to looking presentable.

We Can Help If You Are Moving The Aquarium To A New Location on Long Island

If you think moving is stressful, imagine what it can do to your fish? We can move all parts of your aquarium at one time and your system will be fully functional at your new location. We strive to keep the water properly heated and oxygenated so the fish will be less stressed by the move.

Are You Ready For Some Aquarium Design Assistance On Long Island?

We design, install, stock, and maintain aquariums in your neighborhood. Our team of aquatic experts offer professional care to meet all of your commercial and residential aquarium and fish tank needs. Aquarium services are available 7am-7pm, every day of the week. Emergency service is also available. Contact us today to set up a consultation. Island Fish and Reef is Long Island’s trusted aquarium shop.