Long Island Aquarium Maintenance | Fish Tank Services on Long Island
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Aquarium Maintenance

We Perform Custom Aquarium Design, Expert Installation, and Aquarium Maintenance Throughout Long Island

For more than 18 years, we’ve been recognized as the go-to aquarium shop among aquarium owners throughout Long Island. Our extremely knowledgeable team is made up of experts who specialize in all aquatic ecosystems including freshwater, planted, saltwater and reef. Both commercial and residential clients turn to us for aquarium maintenance, custom aquarium design, efficient installation, and high-quality stocking.

Why Hire A Professional Aquarium Company To Maintain And Clean Your Aquarium?

There is no greater joy than peering into the glass of your commercial or residential aquarium and witnessing your colorful, custom designed ecosystem in action. However, sometimes the maintenance and cleaning of the fish tank can be overwhelming, especially if it’s an oversized tank. Consider our professional aquarium maintenance and cleaning services so we can do the dirty work for you. We offer aquarium maintenance services seven days a week. Each member of the Island Fish and Reef team is qualified to maintain all systems. 

Maintenance services may include:

  • Algae scrubbing
  • Water testing
  • Water amendments
  • Filter material changes
  • Inhabitant inspections
  • Equipment inspections
  • Feedings

Hire Island Fish and Reef and you can rest assured that the fish tank will be regularly and properly maintained.

Custom Aquarium Design By The Island Fish and Reef Professionals

Based on experience, we recommend that you don’t design your aquarium without professional help nor take on the role as an aquarium builder yourself. We do want you to create the vision of what you would like your aquarium project to be. You provide us the vision and we would be thrilled to help you with the design. When you work with us, you are assigned an Island Fish and Reef project manager to help you create a custom aquarium design based on your aquarium project goals. We help you select the appropriate tank size, filtration, decorations, cabinetry, glass, fish, and more. Your project manager will guide every step of the way, from planning to completion.

Professional Aquarium Installations

At Island Fish and Reef, we source, assemble and install all aquarium equipment. Once your materials have been sourced and inspected for quality, the installation process will begin. We select only high quality and long-lasting aquarium products. Upon install completion, our team will provide an informative lesson and advice on how to handle your new tank and system.

Professional Stocking Of Fish For Your Aquarium

If you are lacking experience with aquarium fish selection, you may not be educated on the rules of stocking compatible fishes. Consider turning to our experts for help. An aquarium filled with unhealthy fish is not a welcome part of your aquarium project. At Island Fish and Reef, we have a fully equipped quarantine and holding facility, along with a system to ensure healthy fish. Our technicians are highly trained in fish compatibility, coral placement, aquarium life support systems, plant care, and invertebrate requirements.

Professional Tank Rehabilitation and Restoration

While we suggest professional aquarium maintenance, many owners try to clean the fish tank on their own. When life gets busier, the aquarium takes the brunt of missed cleanings by the owner. If you’ve neglected handling your aquarium maintenance, our Island Fish and Reef rehabilitation team can help restore the tank with the necessary rehabilitation service. Maintenance is available seven days a week.

Fish Feeding and Tank Maintenance Services When You’re Out Of Town

If you need coverage for your aquarium while you’re away, Island Fish and Reef will step in to monitor, feed and maintain your aquarium until you return to your Long Island home or back in the office. We will make sure to follow your current feeding schedule so your fish stay on schedule and receive the deserved attention in your absence.

Professional Aquarium Relocation Service

Are you relocating? Don’t try to move the fish tank yourself or let a standard moving company even attempt it. You want to keep your fish as less stressed as possible. Call Island Fish and Reef and our team will move all parts of your aquarium at the same time. When the aquarium arrives at the new Long Island location, your system will be reinstalled and fully functional. 

Island Fish and Reef Is Long Island’s Number One Source For Everything Aquarium

We offer a full line of professional aquarium services throughout Long Island. Our team provides each client, residential and commercial, with sound advice and the answers you need. We are knowledgeable aquarists who take great pride in providing quality service to meet all of your aquarium needs. Rest assured, we are fully licensed and insured and we are proud to offer competitive prices on aquarium designing installing and budget-friendly aquarium maintenance plans. For a complimentary consultation, contact us today. With 18 years of experience, we will see to it that you enjoy your aquarium for years to come.