Long Island Aquarium Installation | Fish Tank Services Long Island
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Aquarium Installation

Nearly Two Decades Of Aquarium Installation and Custom Aquarium Design Experience on Long Island

With over 18 years in the aquatic business beginning as an aquarium shop, it’s no wonder we are continually looked upon for outstanding aquarium design, installation, stocking, and maintenance throughout Long Island. Our experienced aquatic experts offer custom aquarium services to both commercial and residential locations. Our long list of satisfied local clients appreciate being guided through every step of the custom aquarium design process, aquarium builder, and the careful and detailed selection of all aquarium contents. 

We Perform Aquarium Installations With Your Chosen Aquarium Equipment

We are considered Long Island’s leading aquarium shop. The best part about selecting our highly recommended aquarium shop to purchase your new aquarium and fish tank contents is that our store experts will also handle the efficient assembly and installation of your system. The installation process begins right after you choose all aquarium materials and each component has been sourced and inspected for quality. When the installation process is completed, our highly qualified team will provide you with detailed instructions about taking care of your new system.

We Help Create Unique Aquariums At Commercial and Residential Locations

Whether you have a specific aquarium design in mind or you are just beginning your aquatic hobby, you will be assigned an Island Fish and Reef project manager to help you achieve your aquarium installation goals. The experienced project manager takes the time to discuss all aspects of the aquarium project from tank size, filtration, maintenance frequency, tank decorations, cabinetry, glass manufacturers, fish species and compatibility, best practices, and many more interesting details.

We Can Help You Stock Your Aquarium

The Island Fish and Reef team assures that all clients select and receive only the highest quality and best health of all chosen aquarium fishes. Even better, our knowledgeable technician will ensure compatibility with your aquarium system’s existing inhabitants. We are experts with fish compatibility, coral placement, plant care, aquarium life support systems, and invertebrate requirements.

Our Team Members Are Qualified To Maintain All Systems

The Island Fish and Reef team services aquariums seven days a week in addition to handling aquarium emergencies. All residential and commercial maintenance services involve water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding when needed, and light equipment cleaning.

Do You Need Vacation Coverage For Your Aquarium?

If you are planning a vacation and worry about the health and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants, we can assist you. Our team will create a schedule of visits to your commercial and residential Long Island location to monitor, feed, and maintain your aquarium. While you are away, you can rest assured that your system will be well maintained. We will follow and continue your aquarium’s current feeding schedule, so your fish receive the best possible care.

Will You Require Assistance With Moving The Aquarium To Your New Location?

Here’s a special service you may not have heard about; The Island Fish and Reef team can move all parts of your aquarium at one time to your new Long Island location. We will ensure that your system is fully functional at your new home or office. We take great care to keep the fish tank water properly heated by safely storing the fish in special containers with heat and oxygen to prevent further stress.

We Specialize In Quarantine, Concierge and Housing

During the Island Fish and Reef quarantine process, every fish and coral is dipped and observed before they enter any reef system. The species are monitored for at least two weeks with daily inspection ensuring their health and eating before they are sold. We also offer special concierge services to help the selection process, packaging, delivery acclimation, and placement in your tank during aquarium installation.  

We Offer Professional Tank Rehabilitation

It happens to every aquarium owner every now and then. Life gets busy and the aquarium needs some special handling. If you’ve found your tank maintenance to be overwhelming and you are having trouble resolving the issue, Island Fish and Reef specializes in the rehabilitation of tanks that need a bit of extra care. Your commercial or residential aquarium will be cleaned and restored back to maximum efficiency. You will also be provided with a detailed maintenance plan to stay on track in the future. 

Are You Looking For Aquarium Services on Long Island?

Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment with our aquarium installation and design experts. We are fully licensed and insured, offering competitive pricing and contract plans. Our team provides services 7am-7pm, 7 days a week plus emergency services. Island Fish and Reef is proud to be a well-respected leader in the community, providing excellent service to all local clients on Long Island. We can handle aquarium designing, installation, assembly, maintenance, and more.