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Aquarium Shop In Holbrook

How To Create Quality Saltwater Aquariums In Holbrook, NY

If you’re considering a saltwater aquarium, you’ve made a wonderful decision. The ultimate goal; to see joy on the faces of those who get to enjoy the splendor of peering into the completed aquarium. Whether it be for a hobby, a family venture or to add interest to an office or waiting room, plan to do some research before beginning. Caring for a tankful of fish could make for a great bonding experience for all parties involved but it must be done right. Before you look for where to get your equipment, decide which type of saltwater aquarium meets your project needs and budget.

What Saltwater Aquarium Type Should You Select?

There are various types of saltwater aquariums. Each has pros and cons. When deciding on the type of saltwater aquarium, you need to consider the options.

Saltwater aquariums include:

The Best Advice: Hire A Team Of Experts To Source, Assemble and Install All Equipment

Are you new to aquariums and planning to just visit the local pet store instead of an experienced aquarium shop? Setting up an aquarium may be a bit overwhelming to a beginner. However, once the tank is set up and your school of colorful fish are happily swimming around, it will be well worth the meticulous planning. However, don’t do it alone. Island Fish & Reef professionals can help you build your aquarium from start to finish in Suffolk County. Besides saltwater aquariums, the team handles freshwater, planted and reef aquariums. The team will carefully source all materials and inspect each component for highest quality. 

A Island Fish & Reef Project Manager Helps With All Phases of Aquarium Design

Your assigned project manager specializes in helping to create a unique aquarium. From tank size, filtration and decorations to cabinetry, glass, selecting fish and more. Rest assured, for 18 years, Island Fish & Reef has been a leader in aquarium design, installation, stocking, and maintenance. Island Fish & Reef is a highly respected aquarium shop in the community, offering the best service to residential or business locations in Suffolk County. 

Quarantine, Concierge, Housing, Cleaning And Maintenance Services

Island Fish & Reef quarantines every fish and the corals are dipped and observed before they enter any reef system. The fish are monitored for a minimum two week period of time to ensure they are healthy and eating before being sold. 

Island Fish & Reef offers local concierge services to help you select your new additions, packaging and delivery to your aquarium, acclimation and placement and provides a lesson to care for your aquatic system. 

Every member of the Island Fish & Reef team is qualified to maintain all systems. Services include water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections and more. The Island Fish & Reef is available in Holbrook, NY, seven days a week and for emergency situations when needed. 

Tank Rehabilitation Services By Island Fish & Reef 

If you’ve neglected the regular maintenance that your system requires and have fallen behind, Island Fish & Reef specializes in the rehabilitation of tanks in Holbrook, NY. Your tank will be restored to its full potential and it will look the way it should in a quick and efficient manner.

Island Fish & Reef Provides Coverage If You Are Away From Your Aquarium

Are you planning to be out of town? Do you not trust others to take care of your aquarium? Island Fish & Reef can assist you. The team will create a schedule of visits to your home or business in Suffolk County to monitor, feed and maintain your aquarium while you are away. You can rest assured that your system will be well cared for. Your aquarium’s current feeding schedule will be followed so your fish will continue to receive the best care.

Island Fish & Reef Designs, Installs, Stocks And Maintains Aquariums In Suffolk County

Call 631-467-3474 or visit to get started on your first or next aquarium in Holbrook, NY. The team provides each aquarium hobbyist with an unmatched professional level of care for all aquatic shapes and sizes. Island Fish & Reef is a fully licensed and insured aquarium shop offering competitive pricing and contracting plans. Fully stocked maintenance vehicles provide services 7am-7pm, 7 days a week, with emergency services always available.

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