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Aquarium Shop In South Setauket

Aquarium Installation Made Easy By Local Professional Team In South Setauket, NY

Since 2003, Island Fish & Reef has been a leader in the local Suffolk County aquarium industry by offering top-notch custom aquarium design, installation, stocking and maintenance. The staff is made up of a knowledgeable team of aquatic experts, who specialize in freshwater, planted, saltwater and reef ecosystems. Island Fish & Reef is a highly recommended company providing excellent customer service to all local clients. Island Fish & Reef is a fully licensed and insured aquarium shop offering competitive pricing and contracting plans. With so many years of experience in both residential and commercial buildings, the Island Fish & Reef team of experts will help you reach your aquarium goals.

Island Fish & Reef Can Help You Set Up An Efficient Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium is the first step you need to start your aquarium fish keeping hobby. While there is more than just one way to set up a fish tank, it depends on the type of aquarium you plan to have. An expert will help you select all the necessary aquarium supplies and equipment.

Island Fish & Reef Can Help You Make A Plan Before You Start Buying

Planning ahead before you begin your aquarium installation will save a lot of headaches later. You should think about the size and shape of your aquarium. What kind of fish do you want in your custom aquarium? Will you have a saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium? 

With help from a project manager, you will achieve your goal of creating a unique ecosystem that best fits your needs. The design and installation process will involve working closely with a project manager to discuss all aspects of the project from tank size, filtration, maintenance frequency, decorations, cabinetry, glass manufacturers, fish species and compatibility, best practices and more. 

Island Fish & Reef Can Help You Choose An Ideal Aquarium Location Inside Your Home Or Office

The location of an aquarium is more important than you think. You want happy, healthy fish and you also want to select a location to make easy work of aquarium maintenance. Also, be sure to position your aquarium in an area where the fish can be observed easily and from many angles. To avoid having to move your tank at a later date, give some time and thoughts to the ideal position prior to aquarium installation.

Selecting Your Fish Needs Careful Consideration And Help From The Experts

While it may be initially exciting to select your aquarium’s fish, there is a lot to know about each fish type. Professional companies like Island Fish & Reef, can guide you so you select the right number and type of fish that will live in your aquarium. You cannot simply pick fish based on color and appearance. You want to see your new fish thrive. Consider how big the fish will grow. Will a fish eat other fish? Will a tiny fish be intimidated by larger fish? Will the fish eat the live plants? What type of water does this type of fish require? The most important question; does this particular type of fish like to live alone? 

Select An Aquatic Design That Matches Your Hobbies, Interests Or Decor

The aquatic design possibilities are endless, and it can be a really fun process. What decorations do you want to add to your tank? Visit an aquarium shop and prepare to be overwhelmed and amazed at the selection. Whether it be the colorful array of big, small and tiny fish or the actual aquarium decorations, it can make for an exciting shopping trip. Miniature decorations and statues, colorful pebbles, gravel and sand, ingenious lighting and an amazing array of ornamental plants and branches can truly add to the ambiance of your ecosystem.

Island Fish & Reef Team Of Aquarium Professionals Assemble And Install

Island Fish & Reef is a staff full of professionals in South Setauket, NY. Once all aquarium materials have been sourced and inspected for quality, your aquarium installation will begin. Island Fish & Reef selects high quality and long-lasting aquarium products. After your installation is done, the tech will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to operate your new system and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Island Fish & Reef Provides Aquarium Services, 7 Days A Week In Suffolk County

The Island Fish & Reef team strives to provide residential and business clients with the highest quality service. Fully stocked maintenance vehicles provide services in the South Setauket, NY area 7 days a week, with emergency services always available. Their stellar aquarium cleaning and maintenance will help keep your new aquarium beautiful for years to come.

Are you ready to get started on your aquarium installation? Contact Island Fish & Reef, Suffolk County’s leading aquarium shop South Setauket. Call 631-467-3474 or visit today.

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