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Aquarium Shop In North Bellport

Selecting The Best Aquarium Design Team In North Bellport, NY

You may think that adding fish into a tank makes a neat aquarium, but aquarium design is so much more exciting than just the fish. Good aquarium design involves a vivid imagination. What aquarium elements will make those who see your water-filled creation say, “wow!” More importantly, what design will bring you joy every time you look through the glass of your very own aquarium?

 Aquarium Design And Theme Adds Interest To Your Tank 

If you are going through the steps to add an aquarium to your home or business location, you must take some time to decide on a design. You can pick a whimsical cartoon-like theme, a jungle theme or even a Zen garden theme. In theory, the sky’s the limit. You just need to make a plan and pick design elements that will be colorful and compatible with the fish species you select.

Decorating The Aquarium Can Be Fun For All Ages

Take one step into an aquarium shop and prepare to be overwhelmed and amazed at the selection. Whether it be the colorful array of big, small and teeny tiny fish or the actual aquarium decorations that bring your theme to life, it will no doubt be a fun-filled shopping trip. Miniature decorations and statues, colorful pebbles, gravel and sand, ingenious lighting and a variety of ornamental plants and branches can truly add to the ambiance of your ecosystem.

Suffolk County Experts Can Help You Plan Your Aquarium Design

Rather than plan your aquarium alone, turn to the Island Fish & Reef team. For 18 years, Island Fish & Reef has been handling aquarium design, installation, stocking, and maintenance in Suffolk County. The team specializes in all aquatic ecosystems including freshwater, planted, saltwater and reef. Island Fish & Reef is a well-respected business in the community providing excellent services that go far beyond that of just an aquarium shop in North Bellport, NY. 

Your Very Own Project Manager Will Help You Create The Design You Want

With help from a project manager, you will achieve your goal of creating a unique ecosystem that best fits your needs. The design and installation process will involve working closely with a project manager to discuss all aspects of the project from tank size, filtration, maintenance frequency, decorations, cabinetry, glass manufacturers, fish species and compatibility, best practices and more. 

Island Fish & Reef Assures The Highest Quality Stocking

Techs are highly trained with fish compatibility, coral placement, plant care and invertebrate requirements to help you curate your aquarium. Island Fish & Reef quarantines all fish and corals are dipped and observed before they enter any reef system. In fact, the fish are monitored for about two weeks to ensure they are healthy and eating before being sold. 

Island Fish & Reef offers local concierge services to help you select your new additions, packaging and delivery to your aquarium, acclimation and placement and provides a lesson to care for your aquatic system.

Will You Require A Service To Clean and Maintain Your Aquariums?

The Island Fish & Reef fleet of four service vehicles, operates seven days a week. Every member of the Island Fish & Reef team is qualified to maintain all systems. All maintenance involves water testing, algae scrubbing, water amendments, filter material changes, inhabitant and equipment inspections, feeding when needed, and light equipment cleaning.

Island Fish & Reef Provides Vacation Coverage For Your Aquarium

Rather than risk a non-professional to take care of your aquarium in your absence, Island Fish & Reef will schedule a series of visits to your home or business to monitor, feed and maintain your aquarium. Not only will your system be well cared for, the team will see to it to follow the current feeding schedule, so your animals continue to thrive while you are away.

Do You Need To Move An Aquarium in Suffolk County?

The Island Fish & Reef team will move all parts of your aquarium at once and ensure that your system is fully functional at your new location in North Bellport, NY. Island Fish & Reef will keep the tank water properly heated and your fish will be carefully and safely stored in Styrofoam containers with the utmost caution to prevent any stress.

Are You Ready For Some Aquarium Design Assistance In North Bellport, NY? Help Is A Phone Call Away

Island Fish & Reef designs, installs, stocks and maintains aquariums in Suffolk County. The team provides each client with an unmatched professional level of care for all aquariums, big and small. Aquarium services are available 7am-7pm, every day of the week. Emergency service is also available.

Don’t wait another second to begin this rewarding aquatic hobby. Begin today by setting up a consultation appointment by contacting Island Fish & Reef. Simply call 631-467-3474 or visit Island Fish & Reef is Suffolk County’s trusted aquarium shop North Bellport. You will be thrilled with your completed aquarium and enjoy it for years to come.

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